As per a resolution passed by the IQAC meeting held on 9th August 2012 on screening of the ‘Action Plan’ for the year 2012-2013 submitted by the different cells; the following are the plans approved by the committee and all cells are requested to undertake their proposed plans/programme within the time frame given by the IQAC.

  1. Information and Technology Cell :
  1. Maintaining and updating the college website.
  2. Organising IT month during the month of August.


  1. Academic Interaction Cell:
  1. Organize an Orientation programme for students on ‘Manners and Etiquettes’.
  2. Organize a programme on Inter-departmental sharing.
  3. Organize a One day workshop on Human Rights (in collaboration with National Human Rights Commission).


  1. Sports and Youth Activities Cell:
  1. Organize the College Week and other sports related activities.
  2. Organize ‘Cleanliness Drive’ in collaboration with the NSS unit of the college.
  3. To revive and maintain the Adventure Club of the college.


  1. Career and Counselling Cell:
  1. Organize a programme on ‘Career Guidance’ for the 1st Semester students.
  2. Organize an awareness programme on the availability of free counselling for the students.


  1. Grievance Redressal ad Complaint Cell:
  1. Maintaining complaint boxes in every classroom. The boxes will be checked regularly every week and necessary actions will be taken as required.
  2. Organize an awareness drive for the students about the working of the cell.


  1. Research Promotion Cell:
  1. Organize a seminar on ‘Research Methodology’ for faculty and students.
  2. To encourage faculty members to pursue research work.


  1. Library and Information Cell:
  1. Upgrading computerised library in various aspects of development such as circulation system and library book installation.
  2. Improving the library and its services.
  3. Binding of old question papers for easier reference.
  1. Cultural Club:
  1. Organize a ‘Cultural Day’ in the college.
  2. To participate in any cultural dance competition in the state.


  1. Prevention against Sexual Harassment Cell:
  1. Maintaining one complaint box in the college and to take necessary action.
  2. Organize an awareness programme on ‘Sexual Harassment’.


  1. Equal Opportunity Cell:
  1. Organize an awareness programme on equality and discrimination (gender, disability, minorities, SC/ST/OBC).


  1. Higher Education for Persons with Special Needs Cell (HEPSN):
  1. Identifying differently - abled students in the college.
  2. To provide the identified persons with necessary aide available for them.
  3. Organize a seminar on ‘Disability and available provisions’.








(Dr LAITHANZAUVA)                                                                                (LIANHLUPUII)

Principal & Chairman IQAC                                                                          Coordinator IQAC