The College aims at imparting value based Education with the help of the students' Evangelical Union. The meetings and gatherings of the S.E.U provide a platform for teachers and guest speakers to inculcate the qualities of honesty, sincerity charity and sympathy for fellow human beings. It aims to help the students attain a sound mind in a sound body by giving awareness against the consumption and addiction of drugs and other intoxicants. It encourages students to minimise their luxurious consumptions and other physical needs exalting the ideal of simple living an high thinking and make them able citizens who will stand against the corrupt ways of the society. Over all, the main aim of the college is to work through the SEU to revive the moral ethical and spiritual values of the nation and the state.

The practice

The College Evangelical union is an elected body. The student members elect their leader, Assistant leader, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Finance Secretary. The Principal is the Chief Patron and there are other  lecturers appointed as Advisors. The College believes that the only remedy for the many evils in the society is value education. The transformation of the youth would lead to the transformation of the society.

Educational institutions face the danger of imparting education which lacks in ideals of honesty, sincerity, charity, responsibility and national feelings. As little knowledge is dangerous, very often it is these half-educated youths that turn to become criminals. Such youth who do not receive a wholesome education are more likely to indulge in anti- social activities. If the education system had instilled in them qualities of head and heart, the educated youth would never become the pests of the society even if they were unemployed. The worst type of human exploitation is the readiness to accumulate wealth by all possible means to gratify our growing physical demands.

In other words, corruption is a crime committed by both educated and the uneducated who lack the qualities of honesty, kindness and truth. To solve the educated unemployed problem the college organises workshops and seminars jointly with the Students Self -Support Union and the Students’ Evangelical Union where lecturers and guest speakers introduce new ideas of self- employment and create appreciation for dignity of labour. The students are also exposed to work in situations where they experience earning while learning. India is considered as one of the most corrupt nation of the world and Mizoram amongst one of the corrupt states.

The root cause of all these corrupt practices is the greed for more than we really need. Therefore, the meetings of SEU provides a platform for lecturers and others to speak and interact with students and encourage them to minimize their needs and lead a simple, God fearing life. Awareness Campaigns regarding drug addiction and consumption of other illegal substances are also organised in the meetings of the Students' Evangelical Union. The counseling which the students received help them achieve and maintain a sound mind in a sound body.

To promote the spirit of Charity and sympathy for fellow human beings, visits to orphanages and disabled homes are organised. The students collect old clothes and money which is donated to the Homes. The Students’ Evangelical Union also collects and donates a small collected amount of money to help the few lepers of the state who are in desperate need of love, financial and physical care.



The College is yet to have a building of its own. It is not spacious enough to provide a separate room for the SEU. The meetings and gatherings are hosted in the students' common room. This disturbs the recreation of the other students. As the common room is adjacent to the canteen, the atmosphere is not serene enough for holding such meetings. The College is looking forward to having a new building where a separate room could be provided for such counseling purposes

Impact and achievements of the practice

To avoid becoming an institution that merely distributes degrees the college aims at imparting spiritual values of life for proper development of students and introduce practices that would make them befitting citizens. The aim of the College and the efforts put in by Lecturers to make students attain sound mind and a sound body, has given some fruitful results.

The teachings imparted against corruption and the exaltation of righteousness, virtue and honesty has much influenced the students. The members of the Students' Union are the first to have been effected by such teachings. There has been a drastic change in the use of the Students' Union Funds. The difference in the disbursement of funds by the present Students' Union Body and the Students' Union of the past is note worthy. Some students have refused to apply for the Tribal scholarship realizing that it requires the production of false income certificates of their parents.

Though recommendations are often made by Lecturers to make the curriculum more vocation oriented, it is difficult to bring a sudden change. Therefore, the Lecturers and guest speakers have used the meetings of the Evangelical Union as a platform to speak and introduce occupational skills in rural and farm sectors like farming, agriculture, horticulture and other allied fields.

The college is comprised of students from different backgrounds, though students from rural areas constitute a major part of it. The students of rural areas have put to use the knowledge that they acquired in the college. The students are practically exposed to different work situations which imbibes in them the sense of dignity of labour. Many of the economically disadvantaged students in the college are no longer hesitant to engage themselves in manual labour to earn their pocket money and the minimum requirement of student life. Self help is the only reliable tool in the modern world where employment is one of the biggest problems.

The Students' Evangelical Union initiates steps to check the abuse of drugs and consumption of any form of intoxicants. They put up posters and banners educating their fellow students against the consumption of such harmful substances.

The Students' Evangelical Union promotes the idea of simple living and high thinking. The students are encouraged to have minimum needs knowing that the desire to have more than what we really need results in corruption. The students of the college have started to dress in a simple and respectable manner. The girls and boys no longer regard fashion as their special prerogative.