1.  Students must be regular and punctual in class.

2.  Admission will be done on First-come-First serve basis.

3.  A student who has 75% of attendance shall be allowed to appear in the University Examination. The case of the student who has less than 75% of attendance is to be decided by the College Authority from time to time.

4.  Two examination shall be conducted in a session.

5.  Students have every right to enjoy the College Library facilities as per the existing rules of the Library.

6.  Students are expected to show respect to their teachers and office staff within and outside the Campus.Undesirable behaviour within the Campus will be viewed seriously.  

7.  Participation in Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities, if sanctioned by the College, will be treated as compulsory. Negligence of such partition will be taken seriously.

8.  Action to the extent of expulsion from the College will be taken on any one found indulging in abuse of drug and other intoxicants within tha Campus.

9.  Visit the information and Career Guidance Cell’s centres and read all the notices.