Govt Aizawl West College Staff Welfare Association was formed in the year 2003, immediately after the State Government upgraded the College into a grant-in-aid status. Prior to its existence, the College management authority formed the College Development Committee consisting of a few members of the faculty under the Chairmanship of the Principal. This Committee looked after the welfare of the Staffs and took the necessary steps for the development of the College. The Staff Welfare Association has its own Constitution duly recognized by the staff General Meeting.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Association are to render a bond of solidarity amongst the staff of the College, to bequeath facilitation as obligatory and to deliberate arenas upon the upgradation and amelioration of its members.


Membership is confined exclusively to the permanent employees (Teaching and Non-teaching staff) of Govt Aizawl West College, who would normally be considered eligible to subscribe to the rules and regulations of the Welfare Association. At present, the Association has 50 members consisting of 35 teaching staff and 15 non-teaching staff including the College Principal, who acts as Ex-officio member of the Association.


The Association is managed by the executive committee comprising of an elected Office Bearers viz., Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Asst. Secretary, Treasurer and Finance Secretary, one faculty member from each Department and two members from the Non-teaching staff as selected by the Office Bearers. The tenure of the executive committee is fixed for two years. Besides, a General Meeting is held once a year.

Contributory Fund

Members of the Association make monthly contribution for the benefit of the Association and its members which became the main funding source of the Association. Rate of contributory fund has been revised from time to time by the General meeting.

Maintenance of Accounts

In order to ensure the safe custody of the funds, a saving bank Account is opened in the name of Chairman, Treasurer and Finance Secretary of the Association; wherein two of the three signatories are made sufficient for transactions. Besides, to ensure the systematic regulation of financial accounts, the Association properly maintain its Cash Book, Loan Register and Contributory Fund Register separately. The executive committee is authorized to convene fund raising schemes as and when necessary. The finances of the Association are audited at least once within every term.

Activities of the Association

  1. Felicitation – Matrimony, necessarily acknowledged by the Association is celebrated in terms of a contribution of Rs. 3000/- (either in cash or in kind) from the Welfare coffers. A sum of Rs. 1000/- is given to members who are the recipients of academic achievements.
  2. Facilitation – A sum of Rs. 2000/- is bequeathed as condolence at the demise of the Children of a member. A sum of Rs. 2000/- is also given as condolence at the demise of either parent of a member. The executive committee is empowered to solicit aid towards any members afflicted with dire circumstances or financial crisis.
  3. Interest free loan – Interest free loan, on condition of a one time repayment provided to meet the financial needs of the members. This provision is by and large very useful for the members. More than a sum of Rs. 1,00,000 has been sanctioned from the accumulated fund of the Association to meet the financial needs of its members. Almost all the members of this Association have enjoyed this scheme.
  4. Others– It may also be mentioned that the Association has contributed a sum of Rs. 2000/- for the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Apart from the welfare matter of its members the Association also continues to take enthusiastic steps for the development of the college.