The Students' Union body of Govt Aizawl West College was formed on 10th October, 2000. Since then the Students' Union has always participated actively in ensuring the general welfare of the students in academic as well as non-academic fields. By virtue of their admission into the college all students of the College are members of this Union.

The Executive Body of the Students' Union comprises the following portfolios:

    Vice - President
    General Secretary and Asst General Secretary
    Social & Cultural Secretary and Asst Secretary
    Common Room Secretary and Asst Secretary
    Games & Sports Secretary and Asst. Secretary
    Debating Secretary and Asst. Secretary
    Magazine Editor and Asst. Editor.

Every year the above leaders, (except the Principal of the College, who is the Ex-officio President), are elected by the students in a General Election through secret ballots. Besides the above, the executive body of the Students' Union includes:

    Class representatives (2 elected representatives from each Class)
    Lecturers in - charge of various Department of the Students' Union.
    Vice Principal.

The Union's term of office is one academic year. The first election of the Students Union was held on 10th October, 2000 where only the Class representatives were given franchise. From 2001 - 2002 session onwards, all students have been given the right to vote in the Students' Union election.
Aims and Objectives

The Students' Union has been guided by the following objectives:

To represent the welfare and interest of the Students.
    To promote a healthy corporate life among all members of the College.
    To develop academic atmosphere through a disciplined approach to the pursuit of higher    studies.
    To organize extra – curricular activities.
    To create amenities for the welfare of the students.
    To protect the rights of the students and to promote their academic pursuit.
    To promote better relation between all the people through a framework of friendship and service.
    To provide opportunity for the students to enhance their knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development.
    To help and encourage the students become good Citizens.


Some of the activities of the Union may be summarised as follows:

    Every academic session the Students' Union organises College Week and its closing Function, Fresher Social, etc.
    It publishes the annual College magazine
    The clubs and associations established in the College - Students' Evangelical Union (SEU), Students' Self Support Union (SSU), Chess Club, all run in coordination with the Students' Union.
    The Union undertakes the selection of students for participation in the Inter-College Sports.

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